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What we offer

SR Technologies offers integrator’s an innovative way to provide Turn-Key stock and custom technology solutions based around Remote Surveillance, Power, Network and Control requirements;  adding value to our partners products and services.
Solar Breeze (off-grid Solar Systems) produce energy from the Sun, and store excess energy in batteries. Batteries power the system when there is no Sun.

Location for a remote Solar System is all important from an environmental perspective, as varied conditions have an effect on the technologies used.

– Seasonal Heat causes energy created by a power device output to decrease (de-rate).

– Seasonal Cold causes (stored energy) battery to dissipates more rapidly.

 – Seasonal SUN, due to the tilt in earths tilt varies dependent on location.

– Latitude, In order to capture the angel of most sunlight, the Solar panels need to be tilted at the latitude of the particular installation site.

When panels are north of the equator, they must face south, when south of the equator, they must face north.

Solar System terms

Autonomous- to run on its own power, Only powered by its own batteries when no sun is present, solar panels produce no output. SRT will not create systems lower then 3.5 days runtime no sun

LVD- Low Voltage Disconnect, to preserve enough battery power for the charge controller to stay alive until the sun come back out again.

Self healing- To reactivate the Solar power automatically once the sun comes back out, and charges the batteries back to a pre-determined, programmed voltage level.

DOD- Depth of Discharge, the percent of discharging battery power before the LVD kicks in to shut system down. We use 80% battery discharge before the LVD triggers the load to off. 10.5 volts is considered an empty Battery.

Load- what is being powered by the solar system, directly inline with an LVD relay to shut the load off when a Battery reaches our pre-designated DOD

Ah- Amp hour, a unit of storage for Batteries based on a DOD of 10.5 volts, the amount of amps per hour stored.

e.g.- a 100 Ah battery could produce 100 full amps for 1 hour before reaching 10.5volts

PV- Photo Voltaic, A solar panel process by which the Suns radiation is converted to Electrical DC voltage and current via solar panels

Watts- A measure of Volts x Amps with always the same outcome, no matter the configuration.

Conceptual Operation

In the day:

The SUN hits PV panels producing energy in DC volts and amps.

This energy from SUN is used to run devices and charge batteries at the same time, thus PV panels need to produce enough watts to power Load and recharge batteries all at once.

At night:

Batteries are the only Autonomous power source powering the Load.

At 3.5-5 days of no SUN:

Batteries reach 80% DOD (battery discharge) and the LVD relay clicks shuts the Load down.

This leaves enough energy stored in the batteries to keep the charge controller alive for a long period of time, weeks.

When the SUN finally comes back out:

When the SUN is out long enough to charge the batteries back to a predetermined voltage level (which we program),

Self healing takes place and the LVD will click and bring power to the Load back online.

In case of High heat:

Power output goes down, e.g.- 50% at 70c/158f. For this reason we use double wattage inverters thereby guaranteeing full rated watts even in unseasonable high heat.

Grid Surfer Enclosure (outdoor UPS) produces energy from the power grid and uses the excess energy to charge batteries. Batteries power and protect the system when power either spikes, sags or goes down completely.

The ability of how long a UPS system can run without grid power is called its “Relative up-time” This will be based on how much power draw the solution requires to sustain operation.

The Grid Surfer is used to protect and power sensitive electronic devices and appliances like PoE switches, Cellular Modems and Industrial PC’s; the Enclosure is made of Aluminum, which has innate cooling aspects, and can act as either NEMA 3 or 4 climate controlled protection.

IP Video and Access control systems

As the need for Surveillance, Situational awareness and Access Control grows, so does the need to provide the technology in remote, confined and outdoor setting creating implementation challenges.

SR Technologies address’es these pain points with experience, a portfolio of products, and integration that has been proved successful.

Outdoor uses SRT has successfully powered and integrated for these technologies include, Time Lapse Video, Gate and Door Access Control, Roadway Video Surveillance, Covert Video Surveillance, and Security PA systems.

The clients we have served through our integrator Partners have included-

Verizon | Johnson Controls | NY Economic Development Corporation | NY Metro North Railroad | Tennessee Bureau of Investigation | Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency | Jersey City, NJ PD | Asbury Park, NJ PD | Hoboken, NJ Stevens University, to name a few.

Image Point Industrial PC (Video Archive)

VMS stands for Video Management Software. This software provides the user control over all their integrated Video and Access control products.

SRT currently creates it own line of  Industrial PC called Image Point, which can run multiple partner VMS software packages in Outdoor Enclosure and Mobile Vehicle settings.

Image Point currently comes in four flavors utilizing VIA, AMD and INTEL technology x86 architectures.

Our current VMS partners include-

AXIS communications Camera Station, Panasonic In Sight, Genetec Security Center and Milestone X-Protect.

As we grow our partner base, we will continue to add compatible VMS platforms for the Image Point line up.

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