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Outdoor Enclosed Solutions

Solar Rig Technologies offers it’s partners and end users the ability to purchase plug & play, easy to setup outdoor Solar, and UPS systems based around wattage requirements with connected technologies on the Verizon Cellular network.


To this end Solar Rig provides low power smart devices, Computers and Network gear that can keep costs low and provide the best ROI for the money.

Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Systems) produce energy from the Sun, and store excess energy in batteries.

Batteries power the system when there is no Sun.

A system size is based on the equipment power requirements and region of the installation.

The ability of how long a Solar system can run with no sun is called its “Autonomy”

The status quo for a security system running with no sun is 5 days, at a depth of discharge to batteries of 80%


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) produce energy from the power grid and store excess energy into batteries.

Batteries power the system when power either spikes, sags or outages occur.

The ability of how long a UPS system can run without grid power is called its “Relative uptime”

Grid Surfer systems monitor and alert when there is; a power outage, tampering of enclosure, damaged surge protection and bad battery.

Visit http://gridsurfer.net to learn more about our outdoor UPS systems/


Disclaimer of Liability

Because the use of/and the many conditions and methods of installation, operation, use and maintenance of Solar & UPS products and packages that are beyond Solar Rig Technologies, LLC control, Solar Rig Technologies, LLC does not accept responsibility and expressly disclaims any liability for loss, damage, expense, or injury arising out of, or in any way connected with such installation, operation, use or maintenance; unless Solar Rig has performed the actual installation and maintenance training.


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